Why not put my regular TV Outdoors?

Installing your regular TV outdoors, even in a location you consider to be sheltered and dry is dangerous and a breach of electrical safety regulations. It could result in costly damages to both the equipment and your wallet. 

TV manufacturers specifically outline the dangers of putting an indoor TV outside, often on the first page of the owner’s manual.  Doing so voids all warranties. Regardless of how long you have owned the TV it would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (and yes, they will know it has been outdoors even if you do not tell them this is the case). 

There is serious risk of electrocution or fire, causing serious injury to yourself, or your family and extensive damage to your home.  If someone received an electric shock, you could be liable for significant financial penalties for breach of health and safety regulations.   

Safety issues notwithstanding, when indoor TV's are installed outside they are exposed to humidity, dust, insects, and sunlight which can all adversely affect the performance of the TV.

Indoor TV's are not built to withstand the elements they face in outdoor locations. As a result of this the quality of the picture, sound, and general performance will be compromised over time. 


Our Kontech Outdoor TV's and Apollo TV Enclosures are specifically designed to be installed outdoors.  The warranties cover outdoor use and, provided all instructions are followed, you will not be putting your family or home at risk.