Apollo TV Enclosures

Apollo TV Enclosures

Create a new space for the family to enjoy by adding a TV in an enclosure that can be permanently installed outdoors. Re-purpose your old TV or purchase a new one at today’s great prices. The enclosure protects your TV from potential electrical hazards as well as from the weather, dust and insects.  Have the team around to enjoy the footy by the BBQ, relax in the spa and watch a movie, entertain the kids (and the big kids) with their gaming outdoors, or practice Yoga in the serenity of your backyard.  However you prefer to spend your leisure time, having a TV outdoors can create that extra space to enjoy and entertain.

Apollo enclosures are available for TVs from 39” to 98” Poolside, by the BBQ, in the gazebo, next to your outdoor dining area, on your patio or deck, it’s a great addition.

Poolside Apollo TV Enclosure


  • Tight-Seal technology protects your screen from rain, dust and insects
  • Anti-reflective safety glass reduces glare and increases contract ratio
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Lightweight powder coated aluminium construction
  • No visible hinges
  • Security lock, heater and cover optional extras
  • Weatherproof fixtures and fittings available in three styles – wall, hanging and articulating mounts
  • Down facing ports for sound from your screen speakers
  • Watertight cable cover protects connections to screen

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 39-43" Enclosure 

46-50" Enclosure

50-55" Enclosure

60-65" Enclosure

70-75" Enclosure

80-86" Enclosure


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