TV or Enclosure?



You have reached the exciting stage of looking to improve your family and social enjoyment by adding a multimedia device to entertain and inform in the outdoors.

It is important that you choose the right option for your new outdoor TV viewing experience.


  • BUDGETS – starting at $1730 
  • LOCATION SITES – fixed on a wall, hanging from a beam, sitting on a fence, retaining wall, inside a pergola, next to the spa or pool, above an outdoor fireplace or inserted into a wall.
  • VIEWING REQUIREMENTS – be it watching sports with friends and family, exercising to your favourite programmes, Karaoke, entertaining the children outdoors, playing video games, viewing YouTube tutorials, or watching your favourite TV shows. Does your family use the indoor TV/s for different purposes and you need additional space with a TV for gaming, sport and larger gatherings round the BBQ?


WILL IT BE IN FULL SUNLIGHT? We would recommend the Kontech TVs as they are five times brighter than a standard TV that would be house in the Apollo enclosure.

ALREADY HAVE A TV OR BUYING A NEW ONE? If so, check the depth to ensure it will fit in an Apollo enclosure. Click here to check sizes

MUST BE A SMART TV? You can install a Smart TV in an enclosure. The outdoor TV is a 4K UHD Smart TV and you can upload Android apps such as Netflix.

LIMITED SPACE? The smallest enclosure is 1030mm wide and the smallest TV, 43” is 976mm wide

WANT TO GO BIG, BIGGER or BIGGEST?  The BIG Apollo 65” and BIGGER 75” enclosures are very popular though you can GO BIGGEST and install an 86” enclosure and wow the neighbourhood! The BIG Kontech TV is 65”.

WALL OR HANGING? Choose from the tilting/fixed wall mount or ceiling mount.

CAN’T DECIDE WHICH DIRECTION TO FACE THE TV?  We have full motion mounts and ceiling mounts that can tilt or swivel the enclosure or screen to different views such as the BBQ area, fire pit, swimming pool, spa or bar. 

DO I NEED A PROFESSIONAL TO INSTALL? That’s up to you – many owners do their own installation or you might want to engage a handyman, electrician or AV installer.

LIKE TO HAVE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY?  As technology changes you can upgrade the TV inside the Apollo enclosure without replacing the enclosure.

WHAT IF I MOVE?  You can easily remove the bracket and reinstall the enclosure or TV if you move homes.

If you want to move the TV inside or take to another property if you are away for any extended time, you just unhook it off the wall bracket.

The frames of both options are light weight, making them easy to relocate.

WILL IT BE SAFE?  To secure the Kontech TV to the wall you can purchase the optional wall bracket with a security bar. Just add a padlock and the TV cannot be removed from the bracket.

If you need to keep your Apollo enclosure secure you also have the option to purchase the security bracket to attach the enclosure to the wall.

HOW DO I KEEP MY TV LOOKING LIKE NEW?  If you are not watching the TV for a period of time or like to keep the glass clean from dust and rain marks you can purchase the optional cover to fit around your equipment. These work like a BBQ cover to protect the finish from harmful UV rays. These covers fit securely, are washable and weatherproof.  As the enclosures and outdoor TVs are weatherproof, you can gently wash or hose them down. 

So now you are ready to choose which Outdoor TV option it will be:

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